2 Bedroom Jala Villa

Jala Villas overlook the serene Mangala Lake which is the central feature of the Resort. The Villas are all perched on stilts over the lake with spacious open-air balcony and school of fishes welcome you below. Great for those who wish to catch the gentle morning sun rising from the horizon with its golden rays over the splendid peaceful lake.

The 2 Bedroom Villa is perfect for families. The Master bedroom is fitted with a King Bed and the guestroom is with 2 Twin Beds.

2 Bedroom Vana Pool Villa

Exclusively in your own private enclosure providing total privacy. Surrounded by nature and palm forest which is also the home to the many species of birds found in the Resort. An ideal Villa for family or friends who wish to have more private moments together.

The 60 square meter Villa include a separate spacious all-glass panel living room. The master bedroom is fitted with a large King Bed and the other room is with 2 Twin Beds.

The 2 Bedroom Vana Pool Villa has 2 plunge pools.

2 Bedroom Amani Pool Villa

The 2 Bedroom Amani Pool Villas is the latest addition to the list of Mangala’s luxury Villas. Situated on slightly terraced land built around a small orchard of mangoes and the popular Musang King durian trees. Each of these luxury contemporary interior-designed private Villas boasts its own salt water plunge pool. Ideal for families. Each of these Villas boasts a large built-up areas of more than 170 square meters, including a living area which provides a generous interior for families. The master bedroom is fitted with an extra-large King Bed and the guestroom is fitted with 2 large Queen Beds.

Each unit offers a poolside balcony, spacious bathrooms, rain shower and tub. ​​​​​​​