An Environmental Conservation Project

Metamorphosed from impoverished soil to tropical haven laced with gardens of palm and fruit trees, natural lakes and lush landscapes, Mangala Resort & Spa’s transformation story is truly akin to a butterfly’s metamorphosis. The resort is as much a relaxing oasis for guests as it is an exuberant ecosystem for the resort’s flora and fauna. The rehabilitation of mining pools have revitalised the ecosystem and breeding beds for fauna above land and under water. The rich vegetation resulting from continuous planting exercises have also significantly increased the area’s natural habitat and source of food for wildlife. It is no surprise that the resort’s well preserved greenery has naturally made Mangala Resort & Spa home to a lovely variety of wildlife.

The resort continues to adopt numerous green methods, such as the implementation of eco-friendly operational measures (i.e. usage of buggies, bicycles, designated parking spot, in an effort to reduce carbon footprints) to continually sustain the revived ecosystem. In efforts to further preserve the environment, guests are gently reminded to adhere to the resort’s strict conservation policies (hunting and fishing are strictly prohibited).