Wings Of Mangala

As the surroundings of the resort started taking a burgeoning turn for the better, the vibrancy of a new ecosystem also began to take form. One of the resort’s greatest achievements is the presence of an abundance of birds and migrating birds that are said to be relatively rare and are seldom visible elsewhere. These migratory birds fly across the East-Asian Flyway from their breeding sites in Northern Asia, and gently settles down at the resort, making it a perfect habitat for over-wintering birds. Whether they use this locality as a stopover or as a temporary home, the abundance of food resources, suitable dwelling features and stable weather conditions all contribute to the favours of many migratory species.

Mangala Resort & Spa is now home to more than 100 species of birds and blossoming flora and fauna. Every species has its own melody that blends perfectly into the tranquil ambiance, bringing peace and relaxation at the comfort of your own space.